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Zero Pest-Rodents Control-in-Dubai

Deratization (from the word “rat”) is a complex of methods and means for destruction, control of numbers and prevention the apparition of small rodents at various sites of human activity.

Carrying of deratization is an important event for prevention of property damage, contamination of food and people from the rodents’ activities. Except economic damage, rodents bring a huge epidemiological danger, they are carriers of diseases like plague, typhoid, tuberculosis, rabies, anthrax, bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. Running in basements and attics, rodents transfer pests, for example, fleas and ticks to buildings.

Rodents inflict a great damage to the house, communications, food stocks, crops and seeds in the result of their activities. Rodents bring many economic detriments to agriculture granaries and farms. The peak of activity, the so-called invasion of rats and mice occurs during autumn and early spring. After summer, a breeding population of mice looking for a place to survive winter, and in early spring, floods and hunger enforce them to seek new places for overnights and food.

There is destructive and preventive rodent control. Destructive deratization is aimed at the destruction of species of rodents on an already infected area. We suggest to carry out preventive deratization, not less than 2 times per year after destructive works in order to fix the obtained result.

The success of annihilation of rodents depend on the efficiency of pesticides and on the correctness of the chosen method of destruction, taking into account seasonal variations, nutritional and behavioral preferences of rodents.