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Zero Pest-Fleas Control-in-Dubai

Why do we treat the premises from fleas? Let’s begin with, who are fleas and why are they dangerous for us?

Fleas are wingless parasitic blood-sucking insects, the vectors of various diseases (including the plague bacillus, salmonella, hepatitis B and C, typhus, tularemia and others). These insects are not only dangerous, but very annoying. They can cause severe discomfort and unbalance anyone. Today we know more than 2000 species of these unpleasant animals. And the question “How to destroy fleas?” became, unfortunately, quite ordinary and even, in some ways, usual.

The extermination of fleas in the apartment is not easy, because a female scatters eggs randomly, anywhere it wants. Most often they live in the hair of animals – cats, dogs, hamsters. However, they can hide in upholstered furniture. To live on the human’s body, fortunately, they cannot. However, the risk of being bitten by a flea still exists.

In the case of the first signs of the appearance of fleas in the apartment, we recommend you immediately contact the experts. Call the managers of ZERO PEST and get answers to all your questions. We know how to destroy fleas in the apartment with no harm to pets and furniture.

As a rule, treatment of fleas in the apartment is occurred with the help of highly effective insecticides. Modern drugs have a prolonging effect, therefore, the elimination of fleas is carried out some time after disinfection. The efficiency is proved clinically. In addition, the successful experience of this procedure proves its high performance and popularity.

The advantages of ZERO PEST:

  • The fight against fleas in the apartment is done in record time;
  • Treatment of fleas can be arranged in any convenient day and time;
  • Preparations for the destruction of insects have no effect on human and animals;
  • We have the guarantee for all types of work;
  • Reportable documentation in full volume;
  • There are different forms of payment.