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Disinfection of bed bugs. Home bed bugs are extremely undesirable roommates, so you should immediately get rid of them. They have the very unpleasant view and smell. Moreover, they are the vectors of serious diseases.

Favourite habitats of these insects are: bed linen, carpets, clothes. These parasites can be often detected in the skin of animals within the household appliances.

Destruction of bedbugs in the apartment is complicated by the fact that they are surprisingly viable and fertile. These insects are night-dwellers, crawling on the hunt exclusively at night, during the day they hide deftly. Therefore, attempts to destroy bed bugs themselves are often unsuccessful.

Why do you need to contact Zero Pest?

The usage of modern high-tech insecticides guarantees 100% destruction of bedbugs and other parasites without harm to humans and pets.

As a rule, the fighting against home bed bugs with traditional methods does not bring any results. It is known that they offer to steam or ice them, but in practice, it is very difficult. In this case, it is recommended to contact specialized services for destruction of bed bugs.

These drugs are not dangerous for furniture and flooring, wallpapers and carpets. Qualified professionals operate definitely and cohesively strictly according to instructions, in contrast to laymen. Insecticides are inherently toxic substances, and therefore technique of work with them must be observed at all times. The fight against bed bugs should begin immediately after their detection, it is very important.

We guarantee professional extermination of bed bugs in your apartment, house or another object. We use medications of prolonged action, affecting the central nervous system of parasites.

The price for destruction of bed bugs is determined individually, depending on difficulty and the actual amount of work.