What are Crawler Cranes? What are its Benefits?

One of the most amazing modern inventions, the crawler cranes are a fantastic mix of strength and efficiency. The essential part of the crane’s body are the tracks and propulsion system. Apart from that, it has a cabin, for the operator, on the top. A boom, attached to the cabin, helps raise and lower stuff with the help of the hook or jib, in some cases. These machines of immense power are now a necessary tool for modern-day infrastructure, as such, crawler crane rental UAE is a popular option among construction companies. With its stable tracks and relatively lightweight, the crawler crane gets the work is done which regular cranes can’t. Following are some of the benefits of crawler cranes which differentiates them from regular cranes.


The critical advantage, according to many people of the crawler crane, is that despite their size and weight, they can move about freely. It can move about swiftly on any surface, thanks to its mechanical tracks, even with the heaviest of loads. The option of traveling with load makes them unique from other cranes.

Crawler Crane Rental UAE

Heavy Lifting

Despite having the ability to move about freely and with huge loads, the crawler crane does not compromise on its main feature- the ability to lift weights. This powerful machine can lift a load of thirty to 30,000 tons depending on the model. With such power, the crawler crane can operate in a variety of situations where huge weights are involved.


This advantage of a crawler crane is linked to the idea of mobility. But mobility itself is not enough for machinery as heavy as the crawler cranes - it needs stability. Due to its advance tracks the crane can operate on almost any kind of terrain without compromising on work quality. This concept of balance is also essential for working in tight spaces etc.

Crawler Crane Rental Dubai


Some version of the crawler cranes is also renowned for being environmentally friendly. The new models are said to operate quietly without producing noise pollution. It is also an attractive feature in today’s world and for people who feel that these machines cause a lot of social disturbance. It is also a unique feature, keeping in mind the bulky nature of these types of machinery.


Due to its mobility, stability, and other factors, the crawler crane can work in tight spaces. It is a unique factor as it can perform in the tiniest of areas where other machinery can’t. It can be easily set up in even the most complicated of work conditions and move things around. This makes the crawler crane an even more feasible option since it is more stable and efficient, considering the diverse geographic conditions of the UAE. If you are hoping to know more about these cranes or wish to rent the same in the country, reach out to Al Faris Group.