Top Three IT Related Causes for Business Downtime

Much of the day-to-day downtime that businesses across Dubai encounter are caused by IT-related factors. IT-related downtime creates immeasurable frustration for both employers and employees. The loss in productivity then correlates to a loss in profits. The more prolonged the downtime, the more a company is impacted financially. And if the downtime is severe or it becomes an ongoing issue, then it could affect the businesses’ reputation. Whilst it is difficult to put an exact figure on the real expense of downtime, all businesses need to plan for it and have a workable system that can respond IT-related downtime occurs. That’s why IT support in Dubai is such an important part of an organization’s growth.

IT Support in Dubai

Wi-Fi Support

A secure and reliable Wi-Fi connection is crucial to all businesses. If you’re attempting to operate on a Wi-Fi system that is painfully slow and sometimes doesn’t even work, then the business is delayed. Company productivity goes backwards as staff are forced to make constant inquiries to the IT Helpdesk. This can lead to increased frustration in the office that can occasionally boil over. And who can blame your employees for becoming annoyed when they’re unable to get their work done? Additionally, if your poor Wi-Fi is affecting your CRM system, this will begin to affect your customer’s experience. And that correlates to customers going elsewhere and your profits falling.

Laptop and PC Issues

Businesses across Dubai and indeed, the entire world, are faced with an increase in malware attacks and hard drive failures. Malware is a type of malicious software that compromises a person’s computer and the files within their hardware. In some cases, the owner of the content or the employer is asked to pay a sum in order to have the files released and the problem rectified. This can end up costing valuable time, loss in productivity, employee and employer frustration and ultimately, a high financial cost. In cases where a business experiences widespread hard drive failure, this can have the same consequences.

IT Support in UAE

Email Issues

As one of the most common forms of interaction between you and your customers, it’s vital that you have an email system that is reliable. You need an email set-up that has been adequately developed to perform as it needs to. It must also be configured to best suit the specific needs of your business. This means that one universal email system is not going to be right for all businesses. And the larger your business is – possibly over multiple physical locations – the more important it is to have an email system that can be aggregated and catered around your business relationships.