Top Five Tips to Hire a Private Yacht Tour in Dubai

Choosing the best yacht can become difficult depending on the different preferences each tour group has. The tour you choose will be determined by the sites you would like to see and the amount of people that are tagging along. Dubai has so many tourist attractions, most of which are can only be truly appreciated from a yacht, yet you have to decide what it is you will need on the yacht. Whether you only want to go on a booze cruise or visit tourist attractions rich with Dubai’s cultural history, both can be enjoyed thoroughly on a yacht.


Deciding on a location can be difficult if you have a whole family ready to help you make that one decision. Before renting a yacht, decide what you would like to see and find out what the place has to offer when going there on a yacht. Find out about the different shows, musicals or shopping centres available at each location and then reach a consensus. The most typical locations to visit on a yacht tour is to go to the Dubai Marina, the Dubai Coastline or Dubai Creek. All of these places are a must see when touring on a yacht in Dubai.

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Time of the Day

When you rent a yacht, you have to do it in a certain time frame. Whether it is for a couple of hours, a day or a weekend, plan your trip accordingly. Dubai has a lot to offer with regards to living performances, street dancers, musicals or waterfall shows. The time of Dubai is important if you would prefer fireworks instead of brunch. Rent the yacht according to the activities and entertainment you would like to experience while on the yacht.


As there is a time limit on renting a yacht, you have to be sure of the time frame that you are working with. Take into consideration the amount of time you would like to enjoy certain activities or how long you would like to soak up the sun. Most of the yacht tours are about 2-3 hours long but you should be allowed to rent the yacht for a little bit longer if prior arrangements are made.

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Find out in advance if the yacht will be equipped with a kitchen for self-catering or if there will be a brunch or a meal served on the yacht. These types of things are important to consider if you are renting the yacht for a couple of hours. Be sure to rent the yacht that fits your budget just right as different levels of luxury can cost you different amounts.


The last important factor, which could influence the quality of your yacht charter, is the type of vendors available. Do a thorough search in advance in order to find vendors offering the best Yacht charter Dubai rates.