Tips to Choose the Right Electric Shaver for Your Skin

Men's shaving process has evolved over time. The ever-evolving multiple options of razors leave you spoilt for choice of Types and suitability to your Skin.

Grooming is an integral part to feel confident and be successful, both personally and professionally. And what better way to impress people than your face! There lies the criticality of Shaving.

So the enthusiasts keep debating – which offers a better solution, Electric Shavers or Manual razors.

Electric Shaver in Dubai

Why Prefer Electric Shavers

You would have experienced difficulty in shaving whichever way you direct the Razor – right? Actually, Hair follicles tend to grow in multiple directions. This complicates your manual shaving task. The solution lies in opting for Electric Shavers. They are designed to take the chaotic growth and provide you a close shave.

Misconceptions About Electric Shavers

(1) Did you believe that Electric Shavers can’t provide Close shaves? But let me assure you that is history. Electric Shavers today provide more comfort, less irritation, and no nicks and cuts.

(2) Didn’t you believe that Electric Shaves can’t shave on Wet Skin?
Just like above, Electric Shavers today is a completely different lot. These can even be used over shaving cream! Strange isn’t it? The machinery will not be harmed.

Finding the Right Shaver for You

Electric Shavers fall in two categories: Foil or Rotary

Foil Shavers are ideal for a thinner and shorter beard. Those who believe in Close Shave daily. These Razors are soft on the skin and prevent razor burns. Essentially suitable for the Sensitive Skin.

Rotary Shavers, on the other hand, is suitable for people who do not want a shave every day. Who believe in growing a slightly longer beard that is coarse in density.

Electric Shaver in UAE

Will Selecting the Right Shaver Solve All Skin Problems?

Not really. More often than not, the Razor burns are a result of hardened dead skin built around the hair root. By providing facial support to the skin, you open up the pores, big enough for the skin-softening agents to penetrate below. This effectively softens the upper layer helping the razor to give you a perfect smooth Shave.

But where do you find an electric shaver in Dubai perfectly suited to your needs? Just visit a well-known online retailer. You will be amazed to find the immaculate assortment of Shavers from leading manufacturers from all around the globe. They come with amazing discounts as well!


Choosing a Shaver ultimately is based on specific personal needs. There is nothing called gospel truth. Choose whichever best suits you.