Take the Desert Terrain by Storm on a Rented Motorbike

Even if you shop in the most spectacular malls and get to the top of the Burj Khalifa, it still doesn’t count as a trip to Dubai if you haven’t made your way to the Arabian Desert. It is here where it all goes down. You get to experience first hand the traditional lifestyle and culture of the Emirate people and participate in activities such as desert camping and camel rides. If adventure is what you seek, there are a host of off-road tour packages that will interest you. You will get a chance to hit the dunes riding a quad, dirt bike or dune buggy. These tours are fashioned to meet everybody’s needs; from the ones who like to have moderate fun to the thrill-seeker who will do anything to get their heart racing.

Motorbike Rentals

Excitement like No Other! Feel the Joy of Riding a Motorbike in the Desert

A ride in the desert has never been more thrilling. Beat the stretches of the golden sand with motorbike rentals from a trusted agency in Dubai. The breathtaking view of the desert coupled with the wind’s touch on your face is magical. Do not put your life on the line by heading into the desert without the right gear. Always ask for a helmet, goggles, gloves, jacket, pants and a pair of boots before you mount the bike. Be sure to properly equip yourself so as to protect yourself in case of an accident. Another reason why you should go down the biking route is that the tour not only accommodates riders with prior experience but also the new riders.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t know how to ride, it’s easy to learn. You will be taken through an intensive training session aimed at equipping you with all you need to know about handling the throttle, using the clutch, brakes, shifting gears and steering. The instructors are usually certified professionals who have been training riders for years. Thus, you have an opportunity to become an expert because you learn from the best. An example of a typical training bike is the 2018 Husqvarna FE 450. First, its handling is uncomplicated making it superb for new riders. Also, it has little overall weight that gives it increased steadiness and agility. Usually, the training bike is the same as the one you ride on a tour, but you can choose to get into the desert on a different machine as well. The best part is that you get to control your spending by only selecting a riding duration that is in line with your budget. Rental periods vary with different companies. Commonly tour durations can last between one hour, two hours, four hours, and sometimes even an entire day.

Rent Buggy in Dubai

Who Thought the Best Ride of Your Life Would Be on a Buggy

Life brings with it loads of worries. As such, you need to find a way to let out all the stress. A dune buggy safari through the heart of the Arabian sand dunes is an excellent option to do the same. The view of the endless sky and golden sand is therapy in itself.

There is no reason to remain holed up in some hotel room in glitzy Dubai. Get your adrenaline pumping by going down to the desert; rent a buggy in Dubai and get ready for a new adventure.