Right resources at right time

The winning traits of a consultant includes:

  • Professionalism – a consultant should be professional.
  • Experience – he should have experience in the field he is consulting in.
  • Time management – the consultant should know how to manage time, adjust his schedules.
  • Good communication skills
  • Responsible – he should know his responsibilities
  • Good listening skills
  • Knowledge expert

Raqam consultancy was founded in 2011 by Dr Hassan Bayrakadar. He has a degree in chemistry. He has a vast experience and knowledge in this field. He has an experience of 18 years when it comes to consultancy. Before the raqam consultancy, Dr Hassan was the regulating affairs manager. He knows the ins and out of the business like no other.

We are FMGC product experts. If you are considering on expanding your business or you are starting a new food business, contact us. We know what are the up and downs of the business. What you need to do while expanding you work in UAE. We are the best at providing regulating affair consultancy in UAE. Other agencies are not as dedicated to their jobs as we are.

You can contact us and can find guidance when it comes to the navigation of your ways through the strict rules of regulatory affairs. Most often we there are unexpected rules and restraints put upon you by the regulatory affair officers. We can help you.

What we can help you with:

  • Business expanding – you want to expand your business, we will provide you with marketing research. What is in and what is not in the market.
  • We will work with the authorities to pledge your case. We will modify and improve your standards to meet market needs and the authority’s desire.
  • We will help you with the authorities to make them understand your concerns.
  • We will help you in the development of any new standard that the regulatory officers have set.
  • We will update you if there is a development in the laws. If there is a new law that you don’t know about.

All in all, we will help you in every aspect regarding the regulating affairs. To make you updated on the changes being made in the regulating affairs.

Raqam Consultancy is the most trusted consultants in UAE. We will help you get the right resources at right time. We will provide you with the statutory advice that you need. We will not leave you on your own, but will always be present at every step where you need us.

Our success lies in making our clients happy. We are dedicated and we make our clients our priority. We treat your company as our own. We strive for excellence. Our integrity is based on the clients’ trust. We believe that our employees are all important to our team.