Revolving Letter of Credit: The Applications and Benefits

The revolving letter of credit is written in a way that either involves the monetary value or the time duration. Ideally, it is issued by the bank. The purpose of this letter is to cover multiple shipments over the course of time under a single credit agreement. This saves the hassles of extra paperwork and also saves the bank the trouble of having to draw up the agreement every time a transaction has to be completed

Revolving Letter of Credit

Major Perks of Revolving Letter of Credit?

A revolving letter of credit is a convenient, reliable, legal and very effective way of covering different trading transactions under a single agreement. The terms and conditions of the agreement apply to all the transactions that are included in the credit letter. Some of the main benefits of this letter are as follows;

Quick and Effective

A revolving letter of credit is very effective as all the regulations are already decided and agreed upon. You can also save on a lot of time trying to negotiate new policies for the transactions. There is a provision for customization or a bit of tweaking though that allows you to make some changes in the letter

Saves on Paperwork

The letter also saves on paperwork as you don’t have to draft a new letter for every transaction. It includes multiple shipments and covers several export trading options under a single umbrella agreement.

Sustainable and Reusable

The revolving letter of credit can be reused for a long period of time depending on the validity of the document. Also, the bank can include different clients and parties under a single agreement, thereby saving on the effort of having to frame new documents

Uses of Revolving Letter of Credit

Uses of Revolving Letter of Credit

The revolving letter of credit is usually used in international trading operations and shipments that deal with cross-country import and export businesses. These letters are framed and regulated under the state policies and approved by the government as well. Also, there are special financial institutions that are authorized to issue these letters to business holdings. This reduces the risk of forgery and foul play.

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