How to Productively Use Air Coolers in the Summer

Let’s start with Ventilation - A mistake which is commonly made is that people assume air coolers are to be placed in spaces with little to no ventilation. While this is a popular myth it simply is not true. Cooling pads dipped in water requires hot air to blow through them in order to cool a given spacing. Therefore, it needs proper airflow and ventilation to cool down an area. An air cooler uses hot air to work faster and should be positioned in front of a door or a window that leads to the outside of a room. Ventilation also plays an important role in getting rid of the humidity in a room. Test this theory out by adjusting the windows in the room and opening them ever so slightly.


Ice, Ice Baby

As the air cooler works with water, you may find it even more efficient if you add an ice cube or two. Ice, as you know, is colder than water, hence it can prove fruitful to use ice cubes in an air-cooler. Secondly, ice will help to lower the temperature of the cooling pads, which inadvertently helps to decrease the temperature in the room. For the record, this technique will only work if you are in close proximity to the device. Ice will not necessarily cool down a big area. It’s also a bad idea to pump in big chunks of ice into the machine as it can slow down the process of evaporation. Hence, only use this technique if the temperature inside your room or spacing becomes unbearably hot.

Maintenance is of the Utmost Importance

Even though air coolers for rent are the easiest option, they still need to be taken care of. As you would take your car for a service every now and then, you should ‘service’ the air cooler you are renting. You can start by checking that the hardware on the air cooler is in a working condition. Air coolers are prone to collect substances that may affect their functionality. Therefore, they should be cleaned on a regular basis. As the cooling pads can collect too much pollen, it is advisable to buy new ones in the event that dust becomes difficult to remove. One should also check the tank on a regular basis for leaks. Sterilize the water and clean the tank during routine check-ups.

Saturation of the Cooling Pads

Saturation of the Cooling Pads

As you must know by now, cooling pads are the heart of an air cooler. To ensure proper cooling of your room or spacing, fill up the tank to the max while keeping the pump running. Doing so will allow the cooling pads to soaked prior to the water running down on them. Turning on the fan after the tank is filled will help to provide an immediate transformation of the room temperature.