How to Get a Driver’s License in Dubai

Getting a driver’s license is probably one of the most significant milestones in any person’s life. It is frightening to think that there are people who have not experienced the exhilarating feeling of passing a driver’s test. We will address the steps any person in Dubai has to take to be a legal eagle on the road.

One of the UAE’s main concerns is regarding road safety. Therefore, they take precautionary measures before issuing a driving license to anyone. Let’s look at the criteria and see what is to be expected when you apply for a driving license in Dubai. Even if you have found the perfect BMW rental in Dubai you require a driver's permit to hit the streets.

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Bare Necessities

If you do not have a driver’s license from one of the 36 countries that are on the approved list or if you have never driven a car before, then you need training. You will also need eight photos and a no-objection certificate from your employer. Remember to bring your original passport with a copy along when applying for the driver’s license. You will have to take an eye test at the driving school or any optician beforehand.

The Driving Test

The first test will be a theory based on where the applicant will need to take a theory test. RTA fee is 200 AED. Two photos, the driving file, and a relevant identification document are required. The test consists of 35 questions on road safety applicable to the driver’s license. The first 17 questions are based on traffic rules; the second set on the specific driver’s license the applicant needs. There is also an added part of the theory test on risk recognition. The applicant has to watch videos of specific situations on the road, and he/she is asked about what they would do during such an incident.

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There will be an assigned date given to complete your road test. You require to have your passport, two photos and driving file ready on arrival. Once you have submitted your application form along with 200 AED, you will be called to go to the designated car with the RTA inspector. The applicant has a couple of minutes to show off his/her driving skills. You will receive an approval paper from the inspector if you pass, which you will then submit to the pass counter with 100 AED. The applicant can then submit his/her test file to the control counter where they will expect another payment after processing. All that is left is another photo and you are considered a legal driver in Dubai. After for the best obtaining your license, check out for the best range rover rental in Dubai.