Are Central Electric Water Heaters Energy-Efficient?

As humans we take water heaters for granted and only value its presence as soon as we miss the hot water it provides. If your water heater has gone on early retirement, then you will need to find a replacement. Central electric water heaters in Dubai are popular for their affordability, reliability and efficiency. To get your hands on a high-quality central electric water heater all you need to do is contact a reliable vendor or visit their website to place your booking online. We have everything that you can possibly need to satisfy your own needs and that of your household.

Water Heater Insulation

Water heaters that make use of storage tanks heat up the water to a specific temperature. If this temperature drops then the element will kick in to reheat the water. This can be quite a costly process especially since this is an on-going matter throughout the day. Older models do not have very good insulation which is why the water needs to reheat more often. But, the more efficient models have advanced insulation technology to keep your water hotter for longer saving significant amounts on energy consumption.


The Thermostat

Many people do not like boiling hot showers, particularly in the summertime. If you are one of these people, then turning down the thermostat on the water heater will ensure that you are able to save significant amounts by not having to reheat the water to a higher temperature. With every drop of 10 degrees in water temperature, the energy consumption will be reduced by three to five percent. While it may only be a small amount, once added up over a year it will result in large savings.

Better and Faster

Older water heaters have poorer insulation, as stated above, but they also have weaker elements. This means that the water will not heat as quickly, especially if the tank is emptied, and will ultimately use more electricity to heat up completely. The newer more efficient models have more powerful elements and designs to heat the water faster. Where the old models heat water from the bottom-up, the newer models heat from the centre-outward allowing for a large heating area.

Save On Maintenance and Installation

Electric water heaters have cheaper initial costs than any other form of water heater. For this reason, they are the easiest to budget for and the most accessible to a large amount of people. Because the infrastructure is commonly available, there will be no pre-installation construction needed. Because the system is really simple, the maintenance costs are also relatively low.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Other Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

An efficient water heater can only result in so much savings but there are ways to save even more electricity and water. By installing low-flow fixtures and showerhead you will greatly reduce the amount of water used. You can also make sure to fill the dishwasher before using it. A good practice to get into is to ensure that you Dubai central electric water heaters are approved on the Energy Star website.